Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Dear God!" she exclaimed.

"...he's salting meat."  I'm not sure I can get behind salted meat (as a means of preservation), but my Loving Duke follows me on my food adventures, so fair's fair.  Plus, his enthusiasm for new ideas is part of his charm, so its hard to resist.  Check back in two weeks for the salted meat update.


  1. neat idea. I watched a series on PBS (I think).It was one of those go back and do it like they used to do it. This was in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, and they were fisherman. They had to row out, catch the fish, bring it back, salt it, and preserve it, and then wait for the company man to come and buy it. Yikes. Sometimes they were successful, and other times, not so much. I hope the Duke is very successful. good on you guys.

  2. Laura Ingalls would be proud...I'm interested to see how this experiment turns out.